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Scegli il tuo piano di marketing

Strategic Video Marketing

- Creating unique content based on the company's concept

- Consultancy for the respective industry based on branding, tech, and social media

- Drone videos per week 

- Shooting drone videos from multiple locations in your city for matching your brand with the city's vibe

 *The editing videos will be delivered for 1:1 (square) or 16:9 (Youtube) or 9:16 (reels-story)

Corporate Launch

- Develop business plans for all products or services

- Competitor and Market Analyzing

- Specify pricing for all products and services

- Corporate Branding

- Set up HubSpot CRM Tool for Sales and Marketing 

- Set Up Financial Services for invoices and getting

payments online and/or via Bank transfer

Trade Show Exhibitor

- We represent you at your booth at any trade show in the USA

Sales professionals to represent your products or services

- Receptionist for greeting

- A live broadcast that will let you watch your booth

- US Market Consulting

Digital Menu Management

- Represented by an Account Executive in the US

- Managing online meetings for current and/or new clients

- Closing sales deals with existing clients or new prospects

- Providing local address and phone number in California

- US Market Consulting

Procurement Suite

- Represent your company in the USA

- Identification of the requirement and the specification

- Vendor search and visits

- Analyze the prices and terms & select vendor

- Evaluate the delivery, quality and cost KPIs

- US Market Consulting

Forming A Company

- Set up Corporation or LLC in any states

File the Articles of Incorporation w/ Secretary of State

- Apply for a Federal ID Number for the entity with the IRS

- Obtain a City License and an EDD Number for payroll

- Obtain a Seller’s Permit from CDTFA (if selling products)

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